What is the WCTU?

The Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) is the oldest voluntary, non-sectarian Christian women's organisation in continuous existence in the world. It is a charter member in the United Nations Non-Governmental Organisations. Women throughout the world have joined together:

  • To foster a belief in and love for God

  • To encourage and uphold Christian values in the home and community

  • To recognise the true status of women and safeguard the rights of parents and children alike, being an advocate for woman's rights and human rights

  • To educate and encourage communities and governments to make wise decisions in order to protect society from the social evils associated with alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling, prostitution etc.

  • To assist those who are underprivileged or disadvantaged due to racial, economic or social discrimination.


Full membership - Women who sign the Membership Promise and pay membership fee annually.

Associate membership - Men who sign the Membership Promise and pay membership fee annually.

Affiliate membership - Persons or organisations who wish to support WCTU by paying annual fee, but who do not wish to the sign the Membership Promise.

Associate and affiliate members cannot vote or hold office in the organisation.

Membership Promise:

With God's help, I will advocate and follow a drug-free lifestyle by abstaining from all alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs.

A membership fee of $20 is payable by 30th April each year. This fee includes a subscription to the White Ribbon Signals newsletter (4 issues a year).

Types of Payments

Payment Amount

Payment Code


Full, Associate or Affiliate Member

$20.00 p.a.


See above

$25.00 BFEE Includes white bow badge
Life Member $50.00 FEL (includes life badge) Available to full or associate members - name is recorded on Honour Roll
Continuing Member $20.00 FEC Available to life members - name is memorialised on the Honour Roll
Donation As desired DON A freewill gift to support the work of WCTU
Donation with Membership Fee Fee plus desired amount FEED Fee with Donation

You may pay through your internet banking feature of paying anyone or a third party to the following Commonwealth Bank account:

Name of Account: WCTU Australia Ltd
BSB: 063-504
Account Number: 10220313
(e.g. For membership = FEE-SMITH)
Use as many letters of surname as allowed in description.

Then complete the membership form so that we can send you a receipt and membership card.

A small white ribbon bow badge identifies full members and is available for $5.00 upon signing the Membership Promise. Please use payment code as outlined above if including this with your membership fee.

Click on this button for Promise Cards to sign and keep.