Current Issues

Our organisation has an E-Issues network, outlining current issues which you can help to address.

To download the latest E-Issues, click on the links below. You may scroll down this page as well to see some of the issues that you can help to address.




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The current issues include:

  • Parliament has begun debating Senator Dean Smith’s same-sex marriage bill and soon there will be a vote. The Smith Bill is legislation that would wipe away important freedoms for parents, free speech and faith.
    Please email your MP or senators today and ask them to support crucial amendments to the Smith Bill that will enshrine our freedoms.
  • Support Global Drink Revolution Day on October 3.
  • Send an email to the government, asking them to ban gambling advertising at sports events.
  • Having your say on the classification of media for children. See background information. Visit a resource website on matters pertaining to the mental health of children and youth.
  • Sign the petition regarding taking alcohol out of sport.
  • Sign the Collective Shout petition to stop Maccas from pushing soft porn to kids.
  • Cannabis linked to cancer and congenital defects. See Media release.
  • Join Last Drinks in sending a letter to your local NSW MP regarding keeping the current laws on alcohol in place.
  • Sign the petition to have your say to vote on the issue of same sex marriage. Marriage is a bedrock institution of our society.  It is too important an issue to leave to politicians.
  • Sign the petition for a Global Convention on alcohol control.
  • Write a submission to the NSW government on their proposed revision of the Sydney alcohol laws. Read a handy mythbusting document to help in your submission.
  • Encourage real safe schools programs that address the issues of bullying. Be informed and not confused.
  • Sign the petition to oppose LGBT indoctrination in the "Safe Schools Coalition" program.
  • Sign the petition to the Minister for Immigration to stop Julien Blanc's team from promoting domestic violence in Australia. THIS PETITION WAS SUCCESSFUL! Thank You!
  • Join in the "Orange" campaign - November 25 - December 10 to end violence against women.
  • Sign the petition against redefining the Marriage Act to abolish the words, "husband" and "wife". Later this year the Australian Parliament will consider a bill to redefine marriage. Take action now to voice your concerns to your politicians.
  • Take action by completing a 20 question survey to alert the government to take action against Violence against Women and help protect the safety of women. It will only take a minute or two and could easily save a life. Complete the survey.
  • Join the Drug Advisory Council of Australia (DACA) campaign to contact your government representatives regarding the initiatives in combating the ice epidemic. See DACA action paper.
  • ive support to the Last Drinks Campaign to prevent a reversal of the alcohol restrictions currently in place.
  • Medical Marijuana - Check out some of the articles from the 2014 drop-down menu above and the Dalgarno Media Releases.
  • Sign the petition "Put effective Fetal Alcohol Syndrome warning labels on all alcohol containers." Read the article - "Contest over Valuable Label Real Estate."
  • Check out the FASD Chart
  • Join Isabella's list

Go to Dalgarno Institute site to register for Isabella's list.

  • Supporting Fair Trade Products

If you use the commodities produced by Fair Trade then support this initiative by buying Fair Trade products so that people can receive a fair price for the commodities that they produce. See more details on our E-Issues bulletin in June of 2009 and follow the links on it to take action.