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A number of resources are available for use in educating people to enjoy a drug-free lifestyle. These materials have either been prepared for use in meetings or to share with others.

The legalisation of Marijuana is a hot potato in political circles at present. Read the articles on this topic as listed above under Marijuana.

The current topic paper is on Christmas Drink Recipes

Legal Highs or New Emerging Drugs is the subject of one of the research papers and a leaflet on ICE is also available.

Dalgarno Institute is a partner organisation in Victoria. Their aims are identical with WCTU Australia Ltd. in regard to alcohol and drug policy. See the menu above for some of their latest media updates.

The prevention of FASD is also an important issue. Read the article on preventing FAS.

There is also a harm prevention clip on the web.

Watch 4 Corners TV presentation on the cost of alcohol to Australia.

View the movie trailer on one of the Bali Drug Mules (WARNING - contains some graphic images)

Click on the links above to download the materials listed (Written material is in PDF format)