Our Officers and Structure

National Directors 2016 - 2018

President: Mrs A Bergen, BA. DipEd. (Victoria)

Retiring President: Mrs E Chandler (Victoria)

First Vice President: Mrs J Millar (Victoria)

Second Vice President: Mrs C Hain (Queensland)

Ex-officio Vice Presidents: Mrs C White (WA President)

Mrs D Giddings (SA President)

General Secretary: Ms R Theodore (Victoria)

Treasurer: Mrs. G Amos (New South Wales)

Director of Youth Work: TBA

Director of Children's Work: Mrs G Amos (New South Wales)

Director of Education and Research: Mrs J Butler (New South Wales)

Editor - White Ribbon Signals: Mrs E Chandler (Victoria)

Department Coordinators:

Pastoral Care (Christian Outreach) -

Education -

Nurturing Families (Home Protection) -

Community Involvement (Social Service & Citizenship) -

National Prayer Chain Coordinator - Mrs J Millar (Victoria)


Plan of Work

National Projects will focus on:

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) - labeling on alcohol
Diminishing Alcohol advertising and sponsorship at Sports events  
Highlight problems with internet gambling.
Support School Chaplaincy


The Board of National Directors is comprised of:

President, Retiring President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Youth Work, Director of Children's Work, and the Director of Education & Research. It shall also include, the President of each State Union, who may attend at her own expense and may vote.

The National Convention is composed of:

The Board of Directors, Senior State Vice-Presidents; State Corresponding and Recording Secretaries; State Treasurers; State Secretaries or Superintendents for Drug-Free Christian Youth & Drug Free Kids or substitutes; Field Workers; and any financial full member in attendance.

A National Convention is held every three years.

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