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WCTU - Woman's Christian
Temperance Union - In Australia since 1882

Who We Are

WCTU represents the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, a world-wide, Christian non-denominational organisation promoting a drug-free lifestyle and Christian values in the home and community.

Our Motto is: "For God Home and Humanity"

Our Emblem is a White Ribbon Bow

What We Do

WCTU is engaged in a wide range of activities which aim at assisting communities in Australia and developing countries - here are some areas of need that we are involved in.

- Drug Education in Schools and communities

- Encourage children to make a choice to be drug-free

- Support Fair Trade products in developing countries

- Support Water Projects in developing countries

- Support asylum seeker and Women's Refugees

- Support initiatives for assisting women out of prostitution and drugs

- Provide "Care Parcels" for victims of crime

- Lend our voice to petitions and campaigns to:

     - Eliminate Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
     - Eliminate Family Violence

     - Address the concerns of the early sexualisation of children

    -  Restrict TV advertising of gambling and alcohol consumption

     - Tax alcohol according to percentage in products

     - Support Christian family values in our communities


How You Can Join Us

There are many ways to get involved.

The mission of the White Ribbon Women is to organize Christian women for the peace and purity, the protection and exaltation of our homes." Frances E. Willard



The purpose of the WCTU is to promote a drug-free lifestyle and Christian values in the home and the community.


For God, Home and Humanity


The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union uses positive approaches to achieve its objectives.

Some of these objectives are:

• To educate children and young people regarding the nature and properties of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and the results of their use.

• To inform society about the value of a drug-free lifestyle through information technology with supporting scientific evidence.

• To encourage everyone to take advantage of available non-alcoholic drinks, and to share recipes.

• To inform society about the effects of gambling.

• To recognise the equal status of women and men.

• To encourage moral values in the home and thus strengthen family life.

• To urge those involved in legislation and advertising to give priority to social and moral issues.

• To promote good citizenship and to uphold Christian living standards.

• To become a significant adult in the life of children and youth.

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