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The temperance movement has had an effect on society in all

lands Worldwide, the WCTU has proposed, supported, and

helped establish:

  • protection of women and children at home and work

  • women's right to vote

  • shelters for abused women and children

  • the eight-hour work day

  • equal pay for equal work

  • founding of free kindergartens and Baby Health Centres

  • assistance in founding of the PTA

  • federal aid for education

  • stiffer penalties for sexual crimes against girls and women

  • uniform marriage and divorce laws

  • dress reform

  • travelers' aid

  • prison reform and police matrons

  • women police officers

  • convalescent homes and cottages for returning soldiers

  • homes and education for wayward girls

  • promotion of nutrition

  • pure food and drug act

  • legal aid

  • labour's right to organise

  • passive demonstrations and world peace

The WCTU has opposed and worked against:

  • alcohol

  • drug trafficking

  • tobacco, and other drugs

  • white slavery

  • child labour

  • army brothels

  • prostitution

  • gambling

  • female circumcision


  • WCTU sent an ambulance to France during World War 1 and
    held days of prayer throughout the war. Convalescent homes
    and cottages were provided for returning soldiers.

  • During the 1950's members advocated chemical testing for the
    Blood Alcohol Content for drivers.

  • WCTU also assisted in the UNIFEM Say No to Violence Against
    Women Campaign in 2008. More than 5 million people at the
    time, said NO to Violence against Women demonstrating
    that there is an enormous movement of people determined
    to put an end to this pervasive human rights violation that affects

      as many as one in three women.

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