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Hangovers aren't fun. And they're causing 11.5 million sick days a year at a cost of $3 billion to the

Australian economy

Six ways to say 'no' when your friends want you to drink or do drugs

1. Offer to be the designated driver

Laugh and offer to be the one to get them all home safely. Everyone will be so glad they have someone to drive them home and let them have a 'fun' night.

2. Say you are staying healthy

This is a great reason if you are on a sports team. Everyone knows you have to stay healthy to win and very few will argue with you.


3. Go prepared with a good reason

There's lots of reason  you can't join them - you have to study for a test, or you have a job to go to, or you will be visiting your grandmother the next day, etc

4. Take a bottle of water or soft drink with you

Other kids will see you with something in your hand and won't bother offering you anything, or pestering you to have a drink. If they do, just wave your bottle or drink can and say, "I'm covered."

5. Look busy

Keep moving and look busy. Offer to DJ. Help in the kitchen. Clean up. Stick with the friends who don't drink - and make sure some of them are with you at the party!

6. Blame your parents

Tell them your parents are really strict - like it's just not worth getting found out. Your parents won't mind that you have made them look like wicked dragons. Honest.

7. Be blunt and honest

It really is easiest just to be honest and say you don't drink - full stop. Then stick with it. Don't give in - ever. If your 'friends' keep pestering you then it's time to find other friends, and there are other kids like you, believe it or not.

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